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Company Introduction

Ningbo Hengyuan Shaft industry Co.,LTD.was founded in August 1995,the company is located in the beautiful coast city- Fenghua. After nearly twenty years of development,the company has a high quality team of nearly 100 people,more than 250 sets of automatic production equipment and a complete set of advanced testing equipment. Due to production and business expansion needs,in June 2015 the company move from the Hongxi industrial zone to Chunhu Binhai industrial zone, covering an area of 25 mu, building area of 18000 square meters, has a staff recreation room,canteen, dormitory,standardized office building,workshop,laboratory etc.. Company is a private enterprise with professional research and development, production, and sale of all kinds of drive shaft for automatic equipment, has received keeping promises units,safe production and environmental protection standards enterprises, more than one million tax enterprises,AAA grade credit companies and other honorary titles.2012 company took the lead through the ISO9001--2008 quality management system certification, and exchange of evidence in 2015,in same year pass the 16949 certification. Hengyuan company implementation principle of best suiting for employees, create a fully display working environment for employees, through internal performance assessment, skills assessment,quality production, 5S site management,to fully explore the potential of employees,effective integration of resources,the strict implementation of the quality management policy, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and actively win the trust and support of customers.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Zhejiang ,NingBo $ 4,500,001 - 7,500,000
78 Xinghai Road,Binhai New District $ 7,500,001 - 12,000,000
Industry combined 50%
Private Owned Yes
1996 10,000-30,000 ㎡
101-200 Yes
11-20 -
Industry & Customer

Changzhou Xiang Ming Motor Co., Ltd. 13%
Zhejiang Lian Yi Motor Co., Ltd. 11%
- 14%
High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume China , North America , Central & South America , Europe , Japan & Korea , Southern Asia & India , South East Asia , Middle East , Africa
Automotive motor shaft, Motor shaft, Spline shaft, Reduction motor shaft, Motor shaft for household appliances, Step shaft, Worm shaft
Engineering and Design , Automotive , Electronics and Semiconductor , Power Tools , Home Appliances
List of Production Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Processing dimension / tonnage Machining precision Used per Year
Centerless Grinder 12 Wuxi Machine Tools Co., Ltd.  M10100 -- ±0.0015 Purchase in 2016
Centerless Grinder 10 Wuxi Machine Tools Co., Ltd.  M1040 -- ±0.0015 Purchase in 2014
Centerless Grinder 10 Wuxi Machine Tools Co., Ltd.  M1050 -- ±0.0015 Purchase in 2012
High Precision Centerless Grinder 8 WUXI Huahongteng GSM-300 -- ±0.0015 Purchase in 2017年
High Precision Centerless Grinder 3 Lei Ming machine tool MG5020 -- ±0.0015 Purchase in 2012年
High Precision Centerless Grinder 3 Lei Ming machine tool MG4020 -- ±0.0015 Purchase in 2014
High Precision Centerless Grinder 6 Wuxi Machine Tools Co., Ltd.  MGT1050 -- ±0.0015 Purchase in 2013
Punch 8 WORLD GROUP J16-23 -- ±0.010 Purchase in 2013
Punch 8 WORLD GROUP J16-35 -- ±0.010 Purchase in 2011
Thread rolling machine 6 Qingdao Shengjian Machinery Factory ZA28 -- -- Purchase in 2017
CNC lathe 32 Zhejiang GFIR machine tool CO.,LTD CK0636 -- ±0.02 Purchase in 2014
Automatic CNC lathe 52 Zhejiang GFIR machine tool CO.,LTD CK0630 -- ±0.02 Purchase in 2017
Automatic Gauge lathe 76 Taizhou Xinfa automation equipment Co., Ltd. ZC-250 -- ±0.02 Purchase in 2010
Cylindrical Grinders 4 Shanghai machine tool WM-500 -- ±0.0020 Purchase in 2014
Cylindrical Grinders 4 Ji'nan four machine numerical control machine tool Co., Ltd. WM-300 -- ±0.0020 Purchase in 2017
Double-sided boring and milling machine 2 Zhejiang GFIR machine tool CO.,LTD TX-360 -- ±0.02 Purchase in 2017
surface grinder 2 Hangzhou machine tool PM-500 -- ±0.01 Purchase in 2011
surface grinder 4 Fenghua Shengxin SM-4050 -- ±0.01 Purchase in 2012
grinder 2 Huzhou Shuangkin ZD-400 -- -- Purchase in 2009
threading machine 4 Hangzhou Xihu ZG-08 -- -- Purchase in 2013
Customized milling machine 3 Shenzheng Hengnuo -- -- -- Purchase in 2017
List of QC Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Used per Year
Roundness measuring instrument 1 WILSON DTP-1000AE Purchase in 2010
Surface roughness measuring instrument 1 Taizhou Feng Feng SRM-1 Purchase in 2011
Pneumatic measuring instruments 1 Shandong Guoyu AQF-A Purchase in 2016
Projection meter 2 Guiyang Xintian OETECH JT12A-B Purchase in 2012
Rockwell hardness tester 2 Laizhou Huayin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd HR-150A Purchase in 2014
Vickers hardness tester 1 Laizhou Huayin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd HD9-45 Purchase in 2012
Salt spraying tester 1 Otelline OLT-60 Purchase in 2018
Metallographic cutter 1 Laizhou Weiyi experimental machine manufacturing Co., Ltd Q-2 Purchase in 2013
YVM 1 TASO QVMS-3020T Purchase in 2019
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials Carbon steel, stainless steel, Iron, alloy steel
In-house Secondary Process Capability
Outsource Secondary Process Capability Chemical plating, Electroplating, Anodizing, Etching, Black Oxide, Phosphorization, Passivation, Ultrasonic Cleaning

Name Valid Date Attachment
TS 16949 2021-06-10 Attachment1     Attachment2    
ISO 9001 2018-07-09 Attachment1     Attachment2    
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